Chico Here We Come

May 12, 2010

Be there at 10:00


Stres and Sugar Shane

April 29, 2010

Birhtdays, Quinceaneras, Baby Showers and or christenings, Mr. Stres stays active. In anticipation of the Mosley/Mayweather fight, he recollects of performing at Sugar Shane’s kids birthday party.

(Mosley making Margarito look like Glass Joe)

“Federation did Sugar Shanes two kids Birthday party a couple years back. It was hella raining that day. I was with my boy Marty James getting drunk in the back seat, and them fools were smoking tree… Yeah, before a kids party, sorry Shane..But shit, we got there, I was drunk as fuck. To keep it all the way real, I dont watch sports so I didnt even know who Sugar Shane was. He was cool as shit, and was thanking us for coming out . I didnt really feel bad about not knowing him cause I could tell he didn’t know who the fuck we were lol. He was like man my kids love yall! That fool had it crackin with the food you know, we ain’t used to that… hella hot wings and all kinds of shit, I almost forgot we came to do a show… But yeah, we rocked the house his kids was on stage with us go dumb.”

The Great Boombox

April 27, 2010

It’s here, the second album The Great Boombox. 10 original songs with concepts that range from winning the lottery to getting chase by a dog. The album is mixed by Mike Czech of Scratch N Sniff Radio so big thanks to them!

Spread the link wherever you can: Twitter, Facebook, your blog, burn a CD for friend, whatever you can do is appreciated.


The Great Boombox

April 21, 2010

Vowing a new commitment to the blog.

Let it begin.


SacTown Radio Interview

September 4, 2009


Many thanks to the folks at SacTown Radio for the interview. The whole thing lasts about an hour with an interview, mixed in with some new 1st Place joints, some songs TJ has done some writing for (Snoop!?!) and some Federation cuts. Click here to listen.

And if you’re ever looking for some Bay slaps to get you through the day, check out SacTown Radios 24 hour stream. It has gotten me through many of long days.

In other news we are heading down to Mammoth for the Golden State Downhill Championships. This will be the first performances so it should be pretty dope. We’ll be uploading video during the trip so be on the lookout…I know that probably sounds familiar but it’s for real this time! HA

“I’m Rad” Video

July 14, 2009

The first video is done and out there for your viewing pleasures. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel while you check out the video…we got a flipcam. knowwhatimean.

1st Post

June 30, 2009

but it’s always 1st Place. Summer 09, you’ll know.